خدمات اداری و مالی دفتر کاری مشترک اخذ اقامت


لطفاً باتوجه به نوع فعالیت خود، یکی از فرم‌های مرتبط ذیل را انتخاب و تکمیل نمائید

Iraqi Reference Service

Marketing and exporting to Iraq is one of the new avenues for Iranian companies in the field of service and production. Iranian companies have gained a large share of the Iraqi market, relying on local capability and indigenous knowledge. Since its inception, the complex has always emphasized the facilitation and development of trade relations between the two countries. Relying on its expertise and thorough knowledge of the Iraqi market, we have set the stage for the growth of our companies in the Iraqi market by offering new export methods and export management services. We are proud to offer a decade of export management services to companies and economic players in the Iraqi market.


دريافت هفته نامه تخصصي صادرات به عراق

براي دريافت هفته نامه تخصصي گروه الرافدين، لطفاً ايميل و يا شماره تلفن خود را وارد کنيد.