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Our Mission

Competitive Advantages

Customer'S Journey

Logistics Management

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International Freight

Customs Clearance

Operations Of Carrying Heavy

Transport And Clearance Permits And Licenses


Nasr Al-Rafedain Transportation Company is a branch of Al-Rafedain Group which is specialized in cargo transportation and logistics services. In the beginning, and with the logistic services that Al-Rafedain Group needed, Nasr Al-Rafedain Company has been established to provide services to traders and owners of goods work in Iraq and regional countries. Nasr Al-Rafedain Company has expanded its services quickly and effectively and could establish an extensive network in a short period of time to become the best logistics services provider in Iraq and be the only company that provides all logistic services to Iraq in one package.
Initially, the company's services were established in Iraq after making an accurate logistics needs assessment related to this country. Consequently, Nasr Al-Rafedain Company has expanded its activities in other Arab and regional countries, in addition to provide services on the international level in order to reach the advantages of expanding and development business. At present, all company's services are being provided to customers from all countries, especially the Arab and Middle-East countries, in the way that make the owners of goods and traders rely on the ability of the company to carry out all their logistics operations from origin to destination country.

The vision of the company



One of the top 10 companies for providing logistic services in the region.


Our Mission



Provide transportation support and other logistics services in order to meet company's needs. Achieve the benefits and reduce concerns by providing a package of all logistics services to all customers, identifying important and critical points, offering appropriate solutions and providing optimal transportation methods.

Competitive advantages

Competitive advantages


  • Providing complete package of freight forwarding and logistics services

  • Selecting local and experimental solutions to increase the safety and security of transportation in high-risk countries

  • Efficiency and agility in carrying out operational processes

  • Sending detailed information about the latest operations to the customers in an accurate and fast way

  • Extensive and effective communication with different local networks

  • Comprehension and in-depth knowledge of customs and freight forwarding law and regulations

  • Extensive experience in the field of management and performance of logistics operations for entrepreneurial projects

  • Having multilingual team specializes in logistics services which can facilitate the communication with various customers and cooperating companies.

  • Having a wide network of labor offices and communications within active region countries


​The customer's journey with Nasr Al-Rafedain Company

customer journey

The satisfaction of the customer is the main purpose of Nasr Al-Rafedain Company during all stages of services that it provides. Therefore, all operational processes and procedures have been designed to provide services in a way that reduces concern and enhances the trust of our customer.


Submission of applications and the conditions of communication

  • Send the standard form of information related to the goods

  • Primary counseling


The processes in Nasr Al-Rafedain Company

  • Register and complete cargo information

  • Review different operational methods

  • Review required documents, official and legal papers

  • Examine potential problems and risks

  • Establish the best methods to avoid problems and risks


Suggestions of Nasr Al-Rafedain Company

  • Suggestions on executive and technical issues

  • Financial proposals in different ways

  • Provide freight forwarding methods in order to achieve the desired advantages

  • Report possible problems and risks

Accord and satisfaction agreement and conclusion of a contract

  • Written and valid documents

  • Informing about conditions and necessary requirements


Executive operations

  • Coordinate with the executive agents of the goods' owners

  • Supervise all operations from origin to destination

  • Send a daily activity report

  • Provide visual reports of different stages of work

  • Create documentation of executive operations


Completion of operations and delivery of goods

  • Complete documents and delivery to its destination

  • Create a visual report


Submit documents and complete the contract

  • Exchange documents of cargo clearance

  • Finishing the financial process


Project review

  • Get feedback from the customer

  • Revision of operations



Logistics management and implementation of projects operations

Logistics management


The impact of logistics services and freight forwarding charges on commercial projects (commercial contracting) makes project managers pay close attention to these kinds of services. Accordingly, Nasr Al-Rafedain Company provides a complete package of services under one management to control the time and the financial costs of the work, thus the required goods will be sent from the loading place to its intended destination, all by communicating with one company.
The services of delivering the various required goods to its final destination will be provided to all entrepreneurs by a wide network and complete package of logistics services that Nasr Al-Rafedain has, in a way that makes them get financial benefits and save their time.
The wide network of labor offices, the use of various transportation methods, the experience required in customs procedures, and the accuracy in the work schedule are some of the most important factors of Nasr Al-Rafedain Company management.


International freight forwarding – Compound

International freight forwarding

Nasr Al-Rafedain Company can deliver goods through multi-modal transportation (sea, air or road). Offices in multiple ports and the company's multi-lingual staff lead to a high-performing carriage process.
The possibility of combining land, sea and air transportation and using containers and another appropriate packaging from and into different countries facilitates the process of transporting different kinds of goods in large quantities, within a reasonable period of time and adequate prices. Therefore, the company provides different ways of transportation in order to allow the customers to choose the most compatible way with their needs.


Customs clearance


The experience and the available information that the company's employees have, and the offices located at the entry and exit crossing points, ports and in all major cities, have enabled the best ways of customs services for all costumes, both in Iraq and in other regional and international countries. Currently, Nasr Al-Rafedain Company provides customers with licenses for the import, export, and transit of all kind of goods.

  • The knowledge of all port and customs laws

  • Establishing effective communication links with the executive customs officers

  • Relying on an experienced administrative team based in central offices to review all documentation.

  • Supplying appropriate finance and time during customs procedures

Are some advantages of the customs staff of Nasr Al-Rafedain Company.

Storage services

storage service

Storage and maintenance goods are part of Nasr Al-Rafedain Company services required by most of the customers in order to deliver them safety on time. Nasr Al-Rafedain Company and through establishing closed and open warehouses in different places can provide storage services with the highest possible quality.

Transport and clearance permits and licenses

Transport and clearance permits and licenses

The knowledge of transport and clearance permits and licenses, sufficient experiences in the operational processes and the network of offices in different places, have given us the full understanding and knowledge of the necessary needed type of licenses and documents to carry out the transport and clearance operations in any country of the region. Therefore, the owners of goods can rely on us to complete the processes of collecting all the needed licenses. As a result, all permits for vessels passing through different countries, import and export licenses, and required documents for customs clearance will be supplied quickly, easily and with reasonable costs by Nasr Al-Rafedain Company.


Operations of carrying heavy and super heavy cargo

Operations of carrying heavy

The adequate experience of Nasr Al-Rafedain Company and its knowledge of road traffic, land transport lines and equipment to carry and transport heavy and super heavy cargo, enabled it to provide this service as one of the most specialized services for the costumes. This company has been able to provide the best ways of transfer by specialized ships for heavy and super heavy goods in different ways with acceptable quality, high reliability and reasonable prices. Nowadays heavy and super heavy freight is being provided to Iran, Iraq, and Syria by Nasr Al-Rafedain Company for all customers.