The Vision

The Mission

Code of Ethics

Competitive Advantages

 The processes of providing services in Al-Rafedain Company

Customer Trip Map with Al-Rafedain Company

 Al-Rafedain Group Services


Al-Rafedain Group is an Iraqi group has multiple offices in Iraq and deferent countries around the world. This group has been established to provide suitable conditions to develop trade and investment in Iraq and other countries in the region. At present, through the commercial, technical and engineering services offered by modern methods and appropriate tools, Al-Rafedain Group has become the largest service provider in the region.
We at Al-Rafedain Group are working to identify needs and explore investment opportunities in the Middle East besides providing a supportive environment for companies and organizations interested in investing in the area. In this time, with our efforts focused in Iraq, we seek to attract all investment opportunities from different countries around the world.



The Vision

Al-Rafedain Group hopes to become the largest provider of technical, engineering and commercial services in all Arab, Central Asian and other countries around the world by providing best services.


The Mission

  • Al-Rafedain Group is constantly seeking to offer the highest possible quality of services by providing one package of import/export services, commercial, technical and engineering consultancy related to exporting goods to the required market, as well as reducing the time and financial costs in order to develop and speed up the commercial operations.

  • Al-Rafedain Group, by attracting strategic partners, works with economic organizations that aim to invest and create job opportunities in the required market in order to accelerate and develop the quantitative and qualitative of exports.


Code of Ethics

  1. We believe in human respect and human values and they are the most precious things we have.

  2. We avoid activities and actions that could harm Iraq's interests, security or national values.

  3. Our work should not interfere with the interests, security or moral values of any country we carry out an activity into it.

  4. Transparency and clarity in the cooperation with our customers are our fundamental principles. We always try to inform the customers with conditions of cooperation and all related issues in advance, so they can make the right decisions.

  5. All employees of Al-Rafedain Group have common ethical principles and values. Competencies are determined by the degree of compliance with our purposes and the Code of Ethics.

  6. Land and human society are the ancestors and they are the future wealth. We will also strive to promote and encourage these principles.

  7. We are a provider services organization, therefore, safety and comfort are our main key to success in all activities and business we make.


Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

  • Provide series of services to develop the market in one single package

  • Having active offices in the origin and target market

  • Having broad cooperative network in target markets

  • Having specialized staff expert in commercial matters in target markets

  • Having indigenous staff with extensive experience and full mastery of trade work methods

  • Suitable local and governmental communications

  • Agility and speed at work

  • Adequate knowledge of administrative and regulatory issues in target markets

  • Managerial and practical orientation of current activities

The processes of providing services in Al-Rafedain Company

  • Consulting and Management

  • Support services

  • Partnerships with organizations

  • Al-Rafdean's exclusive activities

  • The conditions of correlation and receiving the applicant's data

  • Exchange information to get deep knowledge of the target market

  • More information about the Al-Rafedain Group and its services related to customer activity



  • Primary needs assessment

  • Detect the Organization Expectations

  • Analysis the development methods


  • Display proposed solutions

  • Define services in accordance with customer requirements

  • Provide advice related to the field of activity


  • Detailed negotiations in order to operationalize all procedures

  • Commercialization activities


  • Service support

  • Offer more opportunities

  • Receive development requests


Customer Trip Map with Al-Rafedain Company


Applicant Contacting  with Al-Rafidain Company


Register applicant's initial information


Register the application


Send packages and guidebooks to the applicant


In-person counselling or by telephone in case of need


Registration of applicant's initial information


Determine the department serves the applicant


Complete the application form and determine the applicant's requested services


Issuing pre-factor for the applicant


Contract agreements with the applicant


Inform the applicant the necessary documentation and requirements of services


Service prepaid starting 



Al-Rafedain Group Services

Al-Rafedain Group Services

This group has been established with the aim of providing a package of services for large export companies. In this regard, all Al-Rafedain Group Services have been provided in a way that reduces potential challenges and concerns that exporting companies have of target markets.

  • Freight services

  • Advertising and support services

  • Legal and accounting services

  • Market development and marketing services

  • Technical and engineering consulting services